The strategic planning of all companies must necessarily involve the appropriate management of labor relations. In an ever-changing economy, being prepared to face the challenges of applying the law and the tendency of court decisions is essential for the success of a business.


Preventing contingencies, assessing risks, and assisting in the efficient management of human capital are some of the courses of action we develop jointly with the legal and human resources departments of our partners. Faithfully following our philosophy of providing services integrated with the client’s reality and, especially, with the other areas of the firm, the labor area of Sperling Advogados is prepared to meet the most diverse requirements of the companies.


  • Assisting in the retaining and dismissal of executives;
  • Negotiation, drafting and review of employment agreements, service agreements, non-compete agreements, and confidentiality covenants;
  • Consulting on compensation plans (bonus, profit sharing and stock options);
  • Drafting and review of compensation and fringe benefits policies, including participation in profits and results;
  • Drafting and review of internal policies of the company, such as workplace conduct policies and company’s asset and facility usage policy;
  • Assistance in work health and safety;
  • Conduction of legal audits, both in the ambit of mergers and acquisitions and client’s internal checks and compliance;
  • Training on prevention of labor risks to companies;
  • Assistance in relations with unions;

Litigation (administrative and judicial)

  • Participation in round table discussions of the Ministry of Labor and Employment;
  • Involvement in investigation procedures, Conduct Adjustment Terms, public civil inquiries and public civil lawsuits filed by the Labor Public Prosecution;
  • Defense in infringement notices drafted by the Ministry of Labor, as well as in labor lawsuits, both individual and collective, filed by employees or by workers’ union, in all levels;
  • Assessment of lawsuit risks and contingency calculations;
  • Projects for reduction or prevention of labor, judicial, and administrative lawsuits.

Relations with unions

  • Assistance in collective bargaining agreements with unions of any business segment;
  • Guidance and consulting in the drafting of collective agreements between the company and workers’ union;
  • Management of crisis, strikes, collective negotiations, round table discussions, mediations, arbitrations and collective labor disputes.