Company Recovery And Bankruptcies

As a result of the condition of Brazilian economy in recent years, judicial recoveries and bankruptcies have played a leading role in the world of companies. On the one hand, some companies are forced to use judicial and extrajudicial recovery as a strategy to overcome their economic and financial crisis and to enable the reorganization of their businesses. On the other hand, other companies find themselves in the delicate condition of having to deal with the judicial recovery or bankruptcy of a trading partner. In both situations, relying on specialized legal advice that is effectively integrated with the clients’ needs is crucial to ensure that the companies are able to face this situation in an efficient manner. Our firm relies on professionals with over 20 years of experience in highly complex and renowned judicial recovery proceedings, and is able to assist clients in the most different scenarios.

  • Recovery of credits in judicial recovery, extrajudicial recovery and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Judicial representation of creditors in judicial recovery proceedings, including creditors not subject to the recovery effects;
  • Assistance in extrajudicial negotiations aiming at the recovery of credits;
  • Participation in creditors’ committees;
  • Assistance in the acquisition or disposal of equity interest or assets of companies in economic and financial crisis, under recovery or bankrupted, including risk assessment, succession aspects and drafting of the respective agreements;
  • Assistance in the filing of judicial and extrajudicial recovery proceedings;
  • Legal advice to partners, shareholders and managers of companies in economic and financial crisis;
  • Everyday advice for companies submitted to judicial recovery, extrajudicial recovery or under a bankruptcy procedure;
  • Corporate restructuring of companies in economic and financial crisis.