Invitations To Bid, Administrative Contracts And Regulation

For certain industry sectors, the relationship with governmental authorities is strategic. Keeping up with the continuous changes in legislation and being ready to address all issues that may arise during a bidding procedure or the performance of an administrative contract is critical for companies to preserve their interests and ensure efficiency in the management of projects. Our firm has extensive experience in advising and assisting our clients in dealing with the various legal issues that may arise in their relationship with the governmental authorities.

  • Review of call notices and drafting administrative contracts, with the purpose of assisting clients in their participation in bidding procedures;
  • Assisting the client in the drafting of documentation and qualification of proposals, as well as in the monitoring of the whole bidding procedure;
  • Drafting of appeals and administrative motions and judicial measures in connection with the bidding procedure;
  • Consulting in regulatory law in the health surveillance sectors (health, hospital equipment, pesticides, fertilizers) telecommunications, energy, oil and gas, ports and highways.