Dispute Resolution And Arbitration

Our firm regards the practice of dispute resolution from a broad and strategic standpoint, within the companies’ problems. We do not see litigation as an end in itself, but as an instrument for companies to explore new business opportunities in a creative and efficient manner. As a result, we understand that the management of potential disputes should take place long before they are triggered.

The integration of the dispute resolution area with the other areas of the firm is fundamental for disputes to be prevented or resolved with the purpose of correctly managing the interests of the parties involved. Such integration also ensures that, at each stage of a dispute, the client relies on a highly specialized and creative team in the search of an appropriate solution to the dispute.

Our firm has also particular expertise in international disputes involving simultaneously several legal areas.

  • Pre-litigation action, in order to prevent disputes and settle on interests;
  • Drafting of legal opinions on issues involving future or existing disputes;
  • Assistance in the contracting and negotiation of arbitration and mediation agreements;
  • Assistance and representation in mediation and conciliation procedures;
  • Representation in arbitration procedures, as well as in any judicial provisional remedies in connection with the arbitration;
  • Judicial enforcement of arbitration awards and foreign decisions;
  • Performance of legal audits for the identification of litigation liabilities and assessment of the risks involved;
  • Representation of clients in administrative proceedings before the direct public administration and regulating authorities;
  • Representation in court, at all levels (including Superior Courts), in disputes of the most varied issues, in particular disputes involving the interpretation and violation of business agreements, corporate law, indemnity lawsuits, credit recovery, real estate law, competition law and administrative law, among other matters.