Competition Law

The appropriate evaluation of competition risks is one of the aspects to be considered by the company, not only in mergers and acquisitions, but also when creating partnerships or developing growth strategies. Moreover, preventive measures such as the development of internal antitrust compliance programs are currently growing in importance. With the strengthening of the penalties imposed on companies by CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defence), this is a theme deserving more and more attention from companies.

  • Representation of clients before the bodies of the Brazilian Competition Defence System in the filing of notices of mergers and acquisitions;
  • Guidance to and defence of clients involved in antitrust law infringements, including the creation of cartels, abuse of economic power, tied sales, abusive prices, abusive exclusivity clauses, among others;
  • Defence of clients in administrative proceedings resulting from anticompetitive practices;

Assistance in the drafting and implementation of antitrust compliance programs.